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Customized Seminar Programs
Using the list below, please select your desired subject and specify length of time that you feel best suited your needs.

Following the initial selection, we will review the program with you to develop the content and method providing the best value for your organization.
Seminar Programs Desired Hours
Sales and Operations Planning:
  • sales and operations planning
  • types of manufacturing systems
  • approaches to manufacturing strategies
Demand Management:
  • sources of demand
  • forecasting characteristics
  • forecasting techniques
  • forecast errors and tracking
Master Planning:
  • master planning
  • master production schedule
  • time fences and responses to changes
  • inventory strategies, MTS, MTO, ATO
  • available to promise, forward / backward
Inventory Management I:
  • Objectives of inventory
  • item master, data integrity
  • functions of inventory
  • classes of inventory
  • costs of inventory
Inventory Management II:
  • order quantities, lot sizes
  • order timing and review
  • safety stock
  • ABC analysis
  • cycle counting and accuracy
Materials Requirements Planning:
  • bills of material
  • lead times
  • material requirements planning
Manufacturing Control and Plant Scheduling:
  • finite / infinite, forward / backward scheduling
  • priority rules
  • production activity control
  • input / output control
Capacity Requirements Planning:
  • defining capacity
  • planning for capacity
  • bottleneck/constraint resolutions
  • requisitions, identifying requirements
  • purchase orders, identifying source
  • supplier selection, sourcing
  • supplier certification
Performance Measurements and Feedback:
  • inventory performance measurements
  • supplier performance measurements
  • forecasting accuracy and tracking
  • customer service level measurements

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