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5S PLUS 1, A must for all businesses!

5S is part of the lean philosophy where any kind of waste is constantly removed from workplace. 5S is adapted from the same Japanese workplace improvement methodology; SEIRI (Sort),SEITON (Set in Order), SEISO (Shine), SEIKETSU (Standardize), SHITSUKE (Sustain). An additional S (Safety) is added to ensure that the efforts create a much safer environment, hence the word "Plus 1". Using this method, many improvements can be achieved in a workplace, such as: Improved workflow Reduced set-up times Reduced cycle times Reduced use of floor space Lower safety incident/accident rate Reduced waste of material, labour, overhead Better equipment reliability Overall better looking place.

This seminar is about applying 5S in a workplace. 5S seminar enables participants to understand the concepts, challenges, and benefits. Most importantly, the participants will learn how to implement 5S at their workplace, and with hands on exercises, will be able to expand the 5S process into wider parts of their business.

At the end of this seminar, you should come away with:
How 5S complements lean philosophy in business;
How to implement 5S+1;
Process and procedure development;
Real-world applications, solutions with significant added value;
Continuous improvement for 5S+1;

 Session 1 
  • Introduction
  • Understanding Lean and 5S
Session 2
  • SORT
  • SET
Session 3
Session 4
  • Implementing 5S+1
  • Industry applications and Solutions