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Since 1991, ABCAN (under different names) has been providing training services in the areas of supply chain management, materials management, operations planning, ERP, JIT, lean manufacturing, production planning, scheduling, and productivity improvements. Our seminars are used in many companies, delivered at professional associations and most importantly benefited many individuals to perform their jobs better. We have delivered 100s of seminars in the last 10 years with very satisfactory results.

We have pioneered highly informative and effective 1 and 2 day seminars such as 5S, Cycle Counting, Enterprise Resource Planning, Forecasting, Supply Chain Management,CSCP Workshop, Lean & Synchronized Manufacturing, Operations Management and various other customized subjects.

Tools and Methodology    Standard Seminar Programs    Customized Seminar Programs

The seminar delivery model, we would like to share our expertise with you, is often imitated by others. The objective of each seminar is to support the client's business needs by transferring the knowledge in most effective way, enhancing the participants' skills and enable them to:
  • Understand the principles
  • Reinforce their comprehension
  • Become capable of executing
  • Appreciate their role and recommend improvements
In this section, you will find standard programs and customized ones by subject.

Our seminars are also supported by our Web interface during the training sessions. The Web interface allows participants to access the course notes, study guides and exercises online.