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APICS Certification Courses

ABCAN Consulting has been delivering exceptional value to organizations via educational offerings including the APICS Certification courses for the last 15 years. Our qualified instructors provide in-house or public training for all APICS courses. These educational programs have been delivered on-site to companies and at public classrooms well over 500 occasions and have benefited more than 8,000 participants worldwide.

    CSCP - Certified Supply Chain Professional
    CPIM - Certified Production Inventory Management

    FMOM - Fundamentals of Materials & Operations Management
    Integrated Resource Management
    Introduction to Enterprise Resource Planning, ERP
    Just in Time - Lean Operating Principles and Techniques

Course delivery schedule is highly flexible to suit customers' needs. If necessary, the schedule and courses maybe modified/customized according to the particular requirements of client.

Courses are supported by our online support and help.

Introduction to Enterprise Resource Planning, ERP
The Introduction to Enterprise Resources Planning course is ideal for ERP project managers, consultants employed as ERP integrators, and organizations beginning an ERP implementation. Introduction to ERP will enable participants to determine if their organization is ready for ERP. Arrange ERP training at your organization, please contact us.

Topics include:
  • Introduction to ERP and the Benefits of Implementation
  • Developing a Business Case to Justify an ERP Implementation
  • Business Process Alignment
  • The Value Chain Process
  • Technology and International Considerations
  • Change Management and ERP Implementation
  • Implementing ERP
  • Expanding on ERP
Just in Time - Lean Operating Principles and Techniques
The Just-in-Time: Lean Operating Principles and Techniques instructor-led course is ideal for manufacturing and service-based organizations that seek to eliminate waste, reduce lead times, and improve quality to zero defects. The JIT course includes instructor-led discussions, group work, and end-of-session quizzes.

Whether you are a resource management professional or supervisor, realize the benefits of Just-in-Time: Lean Operating Principles and Techniques. Arrange for JIT training at your organization, contact us.

Topics include:
  • Introduction to JIT Concepts
  • Continuous Improvement Methodologies and Techniques
  • Statistical Process Control and Pull Signals
  • Production Considerations and Material Logistics
  • Planning and Scheduling and Paperwork/Transaction Reduction
  • Human Resource Development and Involvement
  • Integrating and Applying Different Techniques to Business Processes
  • Implementation Considerations