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ABCAN is a management consulting firm providing consulting and training services in the areas of supply chain management, materials management, operations planning, ERP, JIT and lean manufacturing, 5S, production planning, scheduling, and productivity improvements. Founded in 1991 as a small company, it grew into an engineering consulting and training company. Today, ABCAN is a handful of highly experienced professionals focusing on the above subjects. ABCAN and its associates have helped more than 500 companies with over 8,000 participants in various projects and training programs. ABCAN is proud to take part in developing a new supplier relationship management vSRM application to provide web based automation and support for supplier-to-customer component of supply chain operations.

Our Team


Mr. Bukey is one of the principals of ABCAN Consulting. He has over 25 years of hands on experience in supply chain, ERP, and JIT systems, lean manufacturing, industrial engineering, manufacturing applications, management consulting and training across many companies and industries.

Mr. Bukey has been involved in extensive number of key projects such as establishing lean manufacturing operations and supply chain management processes, selecting and implementing ERP systems, JIT applications, re-engineering, gap analysis and business improvement roadmaps, scheduling, production planning, inventory control, industrial engineering, and training. He has been listed as supply chain and manufacturing expert by EBRD and evaluates organizations for their capabilities.

Mr. Bukey has pioneered several industry-wide applications such as supply chain readiness, supplier relationship management, sequenced delivery, knowledge assessment and helped many companies ranging from electronics to automotive parts to plastics.  

Previously, he held an executive management position to lead the operations of a midsize plastic furniture manufacturing company, as MIS Manager at a Japanese-Canadian joint venture, 1st tier automotive parts supplier, as Production Control Manager at a hardware manufacturer, and as Industrial Engineering Manager at an auto parts manufacturer.

Al Bukey is a highly recognized consultant and authorized instructor for all APICS courses and teaches frequently at organizations (including the customized seminars/workshops) in supply chain management, lean manufacturing, 5S, ERP systems selection and implementation, materials management, logistics, JIT, and operations management. He has been recognized by APICS as a "Qualified Instructor" at "Master" level. He has published many articles and given numerous seminars and presentations in his area of expertise.

Al Bukey has the following qualifications:

  • President, APICS Toronto Chapter, 1999-2001
  • Professional Engineers Ontario, Practicing as P. Eng. 1995-2009)
  • Master of Science Degree, Industrial Engineering, N.C. State University, (1981)
  • President, Canadian Society for Industrial Engineering, Toronto Chapter, (1997-1998)
  • Certified in Integrated Resource Management, CIRM of APICS
  • Certified Fellow in Production and Inventory Management, CFPIM of APICS
  • Subject Matter Expert, CSCP of APICS
  • Certified Supply Chain Professional, CSCP Program of APICS
  • Certified SCOR-P, APICS Supply Chain Council,

George Stevens



Mr. Stevens is a senior consultant working with ABCAN Consulting. He has over 25 years of experience as a practitioner in supply chain management, ERP, JIT systems, lean manufacturing, industrial engineering, manufacturing applications, education and training across many companies and industries.

Mr. Stevens has been involved as a practitioner and change agent in scheduling, production planning, inventory control, warehouse management, purchasing, industrial engineering, education and training.

Mr. Stevens has worked with the Operations Management Education and Research Institute of Canada designing, developing and delivering entry level education in the field of operations and supply chain management.

Previously, Mr. Stevens has held materials management positions in Tier 1 Automotive, Food Packaging, Automotive Aftermarket and Wire & Cable manufacturing. Industrial engineering positions were held in Wire & Cable and Consumer Goods manufacturing. He has also provided retraining for unemployed individuals seeking entry level positions in materials handling & warehousing.

Mr. Stevens is an authorized instructor for the Toronto Chapter of APICS and teaches frequently at organizations and community colleges in the areas of supply chain management, lean manufacturing, 5S, materials management, warehouse management, JIT, and operations management.

George has the following qualifications:


Other team members are available upon request.

Companies that we worked with - partial list

SOME OF OUR PROJECTS - Brief overview

setup a complete production line for instrument panel system to be delivered to one of the main OEM companies in sequence (ILVS). The production line required 16 consecutive stations with over 80 modular parts to be built based on the broadcast signal right from the OEM assembly line with no prior stock build up allowed. The system was able to build the IPs in mistake proof way and in desired sequence with any variety/combination. Line was fed with kanban method replenishment of inventory. Produced parts immediately delivered to point of assembly in the line assembly sequence. All system development, control, implementation and training were completed within 10 months with a 100% success.



Client had highly engineered products with multiple revisions and one unit manufacturing practice. The implementation helped the client focusing on value and creating flow whereby improving its volume and customer service significantly. It also included lean manufacturing training and 5S implementation at two of their facilities. This project was completed in less than six months.

Before this automotive parts manufacturer embarked on a new ERP project, they needed an assessment of their operations from end to end. ABCAN provided a color coded evaluation of their supply chain related operations from detailed level up to the executive level including a road map. It was completed in two months.

Client had multiple facilities, customers and suppliers. The company had approximately $2 billion inventory with no cross over visibility. Two-day seminar provided a customized education for client's management from various facilities enabling them to perform a uniform SCM implementation. Seminar included case studies, simulation, industry best practices as well as deployment strategies.

This manufacturing company automated its entire purchasing cycle using the unique supplier relationship management solutions, vSRM. Purchasing can now focus on strategic management while routine purchasing activities are executed in seconds saving the company an average of $50 per PO. This was implemented in three weeks.

In a highly automated process industry, the client is facing pressure to cut costs, improve efficiency, improve product variety and customer service while minimizing investment. ABCAN's approach was to establish corporate governing policies and business processes to leverage best practices across multiple facilities and get ready for ERP implementation. The selection process was based on evaluating over 2000 assessment questions, identifying and investigating 35 ERP vendors, sending out RFPs and shortlisting them to five and then finally two vendors.