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Tested by many of our clients, our supply chain management consulting work has only one objective: How can we generate the most value for our client's business?

Our five-star methodology can be a powerful way of transferring the knowledge. We work with each client to understand their business, objectives, and limitations while we use our expertise to analyze their business conditions, issues at hand, identify the best value added situations. Once we agree on the best possible solution and approach, we help implement the solution.

Together, we measure the success, analyze the results, improve them wherever and whenever possible. Finally, we help integrate the solution into the system, so it is part of the client's main-stream processes.
Initial Contact
This is where we spend some time to understand the company and business, review issues, recognize limitations, establish objectives and define scope. We will study the environment, research the project, understand the investment requirements and benefits, establish budget, and submit a formal engagement proposal. 
Here, where rubber meets the road. Implementation must strive for success, bring desired performance and close the gap as identified in the roadmap. This is a long-term process. It starts with re-engineering, pilot or prototype, smoothing, expanding, and continues with ever changing environment.
Based on the terms of the engagement, we will first study the existing internal and external SCM processes along with its alignment to the company's strategy. We will review each SCM process, in detail, against the company's objectives and industry benchmarks. We will then perform an audit/analysis of the complete supply chain, value chain, performance measurements, people resources, systems and tools used. This investigation usually reveals significant misaligned processes, gaps, and performance issues.
An established process means the road to improvement has just began. In SCM, there must be constant measurements of correct performance indicators creating ever competitive advantage. We will bring in best-in-class benchmark information, compare current performance levels, help establish the required change in process, create continuously improved SCM processes. We know it well: "A slip back in a performance will require twice as much to regain it."
Investigation will generate the gap with potential improvements and roadmap. A review of this roadmap typically identifies the potential benefits which in turn help to create the implementation plan. We will identify the priorities with you for supply chain and value chain, process improvements, resource requirements and potential benefits.

This is the final stage of our engagement. We will help incorporate the new SCM processes into the existing business processes. We will ensure all the data and information is kept confidential and used to the best interest of the client. You, the client, will have the tools and knowledge to ensure your success and continue your journey.

Additional Information:
Seminars: Supply Chain Management, Supplier Relationship Management, Forecasting
Courses: Basics of Supply Chain Management, Synchronized Manufacturing, ERP
Other References: SCM Alignment and Assessment Process, SCM softwares, Articles, Previous Projects.
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