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How to select and implement ERP systems successfully
You have implemented an ERP system but no benefits are achieved yet, or just about to embark on one but are faced with too many choices and decisions, or your legacy system is no longer capable of handling your requirements!
Whichever is your situation, this seminar is for you and your associates!

Enterprise Resource Planning, ERP, is a major investment to integrate organizationís various business functions. In todayís emerging eBusiness world, integration of business processes (rather than functions) is more critical than ever. The right approach with correct support systems helps organizations become more efficient, provide better customer service, lower costs and improve bottom line.

Each company is unique in their operations, however, most business processes essentially remain the same. The challenge is to match the companyís uniqueness with the correct software application and implementation plan.

At the end of this seminar, you should come away with:
The need for the right ERP system and strategy choices;
Understanding fundamentals: inventory, MRP, BOM, routing, business cycles;
Selection strategy, process and management;
Implementation strategy, process and management;
Proven performance methods to World Class ERP;

 DAY 1
 Session 1 
  • Introduction
  • History of ERP Systems
  • Business Requirements for ERP
  • Strategic Choices
Session 2
  • Demand Management
  • Fundamentals: Inventory, Item Master
  • Fundamentals: BOM, Routing, Work Centers
Session 3
  • Fundamentals: MRP, CRP, Closed Loop
Session 4
  • Business Functions vs Processes
  • Integration of Business Processes
  • ERP Modules
  • Enterprise Modeling
 DAY 2
 Session 5 
  • ERP System Selection Process
  • Needs Assessment
  • Budget Requirements
Session 6
  • Organizing for ERP
  • Software Selection
  • Contract Negotiations
Session 7
  • Implementation Strategy
  • Implementation Methods
  • Process Mapping
Session 8
  • Policies and Procedures
  • Performance of ERP Systems
  • World Class ERP
  • Questions and Answers
What they said about this seminar:
"Al is very knowledgeable about ERP system, we are overwhelmed with information"
"Hearing it from an expert, ERP makes more sense now, we have homework to do"
"Very professionally done, every personnel including the president should attend"