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Supplier Relationship Management - SRM

We are proud to present our newly developed virtual Supplier Relationship Management application, vSRM.

Stop your beautiful mornings turning into chaos!

Have your suppliers deliver the goods as originally requested even if it was changed just minutes before the delivery?
Have your schedules and forecast ready at suppliers in seconds!
Get your RFQs (Request For Quotes) in order and compare them automatically in minutes!.
Reduce your cost of Purchase Orders from $30-150 per order to a few cents!

This unique application connects your purchase order requirements to your suppliers and their responses back to you automatically in a very simple, efficient, secure, and inexpensive way.

As long as you are able to connect to Internet, we will provide the solution. It is that easy, no need to purchase any hardware, software, maintenance or even commitment.. Alternatively, we can integrate your MRP input/outputs to suppliers' via our vSRM.

This unique opportunity is presented to customers for an incredibly low subscription fee per supplier. Customers and suppliers may be located anywhere in the world. We provide the start up, integration and the solution.
Please contact us for details.




  Your Company

vSRM Solution:
  • Can be integrated into your ERP system and your suppliers ERP systems
  • Has no capital expenditure
  • Can be implemented in less than 24 hours
  • Uses Secure Socket Layer (SSL) technology, server authentication and data encryption
  • Increases the control over inventory
  • Allows information flow of purchase orders and release changes timely and accurately
  • Processes XML, X12 EDI, EDIFACT, and many other file formats
  • Has customized barcode design feature
  • Resolves conflicts and errors during receipts via advanced shipment notice and barcodes
  • Improves supplier shipment performance
  • Measures supplier performance
Features for Suppliers   Features for the Company
-Confirmed Purchase Orders
-Quality Performance
-Shipment Schedule
-Shipment Schedule
-Supplier Quality Performance
-Received Materials
-User History
-Upload History
-Purge user logs

 Other Features
-Barcode Design
-User Administration
-User Information
-Download / Upload shipment schedule
Other Features
-User Administration
-User Information
-Supplier Information
-Download / Upload purchase orders