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Your biggest customer just called looking for a part…. Your system says you have two… Is it correct?...
Learn how to make sure the system inventory always matches the actual!

CYCLE COUNTING is a powerful tool to control inventory costs as companies strive to use their resources optimally. CYCLE COUNTING is a dynamic technique which confers on the progressive firm, the ability to substantially control its inventory management costs.

At the end of this seminar, you should come away with:
An understanding of the power of CYCLE COUNTING and need for inventory integrity;
The knowledge to analyze and categorize inventory as per the ABC management practice;
The knowledge to propose and justify the need for CYCLE COUNT to upper management;
The excitement needed to return to your firm and initiate an implementation of a CYCLE COUNT inventory management system;
Some documentation ideas for use in controlling the CYCLE COUNTING process

 Session 1 
  • Introduction
  • What is inventory?
  • What is Cycle Counting?
  • Comparison of costs and benefits
  • Operational integrity and benefits of CC
Session 2
  • Determining inventory accuracy
  • What is a "hit"?
  • ABC analysis, unit of measure(UOM)
  • Cycle counting experiences, exercises
Session 3
  • Location systems
  • CC methods and processes
  • How to set up a CC system
  • Six steps to establish a CC system
Session 4
  • Who does Cycle Counting?
  • How to sell CC to your firm?
  • How to start CC program at your company?
  • Implementation, tracking performance, auditing, and additional considerations
  • Questions, discussion, seminar evaluation and feed-back
What they said about this seminar:
"Very informative seminar, especially for a company beginning a cc program"
"Interesting seminar, I know there is more required on my part"
"Very appropriately and professionally conducted seminar, superior value"