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Thriving in today's integrated world!
Now you have read and heard all about SCM. Everybody is telling you SCM is the biggest business opportunity today. How would you decide how to set up an SCM system? Which consulting company to go with? Which one will you choose as your partner? Learn about the principles and technologies behind Supply Chain Systems in this one or two-day seminar.

Supply Chain Management is an approach to business, a competitive strategy that creates value, a technology that improves productivity, and a tool that helps companies thrive in an increasingly integrated world.

At the end of this seminar, you should come away with:
How the internet changing the face of buiness;
Transitions from classical operations to SCM in business environment;
Steps to implement supply chain and business solutions;
Real-world applications, strategies and solutions that are generating value for companies;
Proven methods for extending supply chains online to achieve profitability and growth;

 Session 1 
  • Introduction
  • Understanding Supply Chain and Business Systems
Session 2
  • Business Models & Transformation to integrated business world
Session 3
  • Real World Strategies and Solutions
Session 4
  • Implementing Supply Chain Solutions
  • Open Discussion