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Extreme Lean: Synchronized Integration!

Lean is about relentless removal of waste. Lean is about minimization of all resource use. Lean is eliminating all non-value added activities. Synchronized manufacturing is integrating your "customer" line with supplier, minute by minute, item by item. Now, let's put the two together: Synchronized manufacturing in a lean environment? That would bring the extra lean capability to a manufacturing place. What happens next? How do we make it happen? What are the key factors to consider?
This seminar is about the lean philosophy and techniques applied in synchronized manufacturing.

Lean manufacturing is an approach to business, a philosophy, a competitive advantage that adds value and improves productivity. With synchronization approach, an ultimate integration technique, this seminar is something that all manufacturing and supply chain management related people must attend.

At the end of this seminar, you should come away with:
How lean philosophy works in manufacturing;
Transitions from classical operations to lean;
Steps to become lean and implement synchronization;
Real-world applications, solutions with significant added value;
How online systems work to achieve synchronous integration;

 Session 1 
  • Introduction
  • Understanding Lean Manufacturing
Session 2
  • Synchronous Manufacturing: Drum-buffer-rope, Kanban
  • Synchronous Planning & Scheduling
Session 3
  • Just-in-Time Techniques: 5S, CI, Poka-Yoke, Kaizen
  • Theory of Constraints, Bottleneck Operations
Session 4
  • Implementing Lean and Synchronization
  • Applications and Solutions