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What you should know about your business’ future
Sales are up, company is expanding, bank credits are secured... for now, maybe.
What about customers, will they be there next year, how about next month, or next week?
You have invested so much but is it going to hold? Can we predict that?
Learn about the tools that can help you planning for the future, right from the customer demand!

Forecasting may seem to be a complex process and many companies do a little more than lip service, just to get by. Imagine the millions of dollars invested in your organization, yet only less than 5% of your yearly sales are confirmed customer PO’s. The rest of 95% of the business should also be given its due attention via proper forecasting.

In this seminar, we have simplify the process, so that everyone can understand the importance and the impact of forecasting in operations, customer service, and improved profits.

At the end of this seminar, you should come away with:
The understanding of the importance of FORECASTING;
The knowledge to identify and analyze the elements of FORECASTING;
The knowledge of FORECASTING techniques and applications;
How to initiate a FORECASTING program;
Practical exercises and applications in manufacturing and distribution;

 Session 1 
  • Introduction
  • Conflicting Objectives
  • Supply Chain, ERP, DRP Systems
  • Demand Management
Session 2
  • Why Forecast?
  • What to Forecast?
  • Forecast Aggregation
  • Characteristics of Forecast
Session 3
  • Forecasting Techniques
  • Qualitative Forecasting Techniques
  • Quantitative Forecasting Techniques
Session 4
  • Exercises
  • Terminology: MAD, Error, Deviation
  • Tracking the Forecast
  • Forecast Modeling
  • Essential Steps in Forecasting
  • Why Forecasts Fail?
  • Evaluation and Discussion

What they said about this seminar:


"I really appreciated the real life examples, these brought concepts into perspective"
"Well use of my time, we were able to validate that we were taking away whole a lot with this seminar"
"Excellent seminar, good practice, worth my time, thank you."



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