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Oh yes! The longer it sits, the harder it gets to move! That's inventory.

For the last 25 years, we have worked with almost any kind of inventory situations. $800 million worth of electronics components inventory, $200 million in plastics finished goods, $150 million work in process, $100 million in printed materials, $30 million of chemicals, automotive parts, hardware, steel, spare parts, maintenance parts, you name it, we have been there. We have been involved in consulting from designing warehouses to JIT sequenced deliveries to Kanban to non-stop production environments.

They all have one common objective: "Inventory is non-value added, reduce it! But wait, don't sacrifice customer service and manufacturing efficiency!" Sounds familiar? Surprisingly, it is all too familiar ... however, very often not much done about it until after it is too late.

We will work with you, no matter what your inventory challenge is. Consider the following areas. If any one of them is posing a challenge to you, please give us a call, at least, we can tell you what could be done.  
  • Inventory Analysis: Classes, Velocity, Functions, Types, Identification, Turns
  • Inventory Reduction Programs: Obsolescence, Life Cycle Management, Returns, Write-offs
  • Successful Warehousing: 10 Steps to Successful Warehousing, Business Processes, Choices, Layout Design
  • Inventory Methodologies: Aggregate Methods, ABC Analysis, VMI, Consignment
  • Inventory Accuracy and Integrity: Cycle counting, Continuous Improvement, Integration
  • Managing Inventories: Replenishment, Lot sizing, EOQ, MRP, Distribution Inventory
  • Performance: Inventory Turns, Cost of Inventory, Days of Supply
Initial Contact

First, we introduce our company and get to know your organization. We will review the inventory challenges, understand the requirements, agree on objectives and scope. Then, we will submit a formal engagement proposal with budget and deliverables.

We will implement the identified opportunities, correct inventory management processes, etc. We will help you deploy the improvement plan and execute the identified roadmap. Together with you, we will ensure that correct inventory processes are in place, warehouse operations are optimized and necessary training is accomplished for related personnel.
We will perform an analysis of inventory and warehouse operations. We will study the inventory management processes, methods, physical environment, transactions, inventory policies, accessibility and layout, cycle counting, systems, etc. We will check for performance measurements such as accuracy, turns, customer service levels, safety stock, inventory investment, lead times.

Most improvement may only be temporary unless they are reinforced constantly and become part of standard operating procedures. Once the new improved inventory and warehouse management processes are in place, we will ensure continued success by education and training. We will help to standardize the processes and also provide correct measurement methodology for continuous improvement.
We will share the result of our investigation with you. We will point out the operations that may be lacking or fall short of necessary discipline. We will point out the deficiencies in inventory ROI performance. We will suggest improvements for operational processes, review potential gains and devise a plan for implementations. We will prioritize those planned items with you.
Inventory management and warehouse operations, by nature, are dynamic environments. Unless operating procedures are tightly controlled, disciplined, and timely executed, accomplishing the desired integrity level will be difficult. Our engagement will never end until your inventory objectives are achieved. We will ensure a continued transfer of knowledge for your success.

Additional Information:
Seminars: ERP, 10 Steps to Successful Warehousing, Cycle Counting, Forecasting
Courses: APICS Fundamentals program, APICS CPIM program
Other References: Software, Articles, Previous Projects.
Please contact us for additional information.