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Lean is about relentless removal of waste. Lean is about minimization of all resource use. Lean is eliminating all non-value added activities. Synchronized manufacturing is integrating your "customer" line with supplier, minute by minute, item by item. Now, let's put the two together: Synchronized manufacturing in a lean environment? That would bring the "extreme lean" capability to your JIT manufacturing place.

We are the pioneers of sequenced delivery in JIT environments helping companies to setup correct JIT manufacturing applications since 1991. Our experience starts from shop floor's time and motion studies into synchronized manufacturing with multiple suppliers or customers. Whichever the position your company is in, supplier or customer, this is one area that every company must explore. 

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Initial Contact
Our initial contact starts with introductions. We allocate some time to understand your company and business, review objectives and priorities. We will study your environment, research the manufacturing capabilities, assess the investment requirements and benefits, establish budget, define scope, and submit a formal engagement proposal. 

Implementation may take many different ways requiring different approaches to each business requirement. One implementation could be a synchronous manufacturing with suppliers while others need to be setup with customers. Some lean implementations may require internal improvements applying 5S, while others reqire Kanban setup with customers. Each case is different and must be planned accordingly.
Most lean and JIT like programs require significant change in the philosophy of business, employee behaviour and techniques applied. We will investigate options like layout plans, flow simulations, business requirements, SPC and various other capabilities. Then, we will submit/propose a strategic plan, an action plan, a continuous improvement plan, and a training and education plan.
Every new process or change must be vowen into the fabric of the organization. Lean implementations bring significant changes to every company's operations. There must be measurements created to facilitate continuous improvement. Depending on the implementation plans, we will help you to identify those most suitable performance metrics.
Companies embarking on JIT and lean programs are challenged to change their operations significantly. Based on the investigation, we will help define JIT programs such as Quality Teams, Kanban, Flow Manufacturing, Waste Elimination, Kaizen, 5S, etc. for your organization. In addition, we will look into the opportunities where lean and synchronization capabilities exist and where it should be implemented. We will coordinate together and identify the potential projects with most impact.
At the final stages of our engagement, we will help reinforce the new processes into your business environment. This may be accomplished by standardizing the work, simplifying and fool proofing the operations, training, education, etc. We will transfer the tools and knowledge to ensure your continued success for your journey.

Additional Information:
Seminars:Lean & Synchronized Mfg., Supply Chain Management, Supplier Relationship Mgt., Forecasting
Courses: Basics of Supply Chain Management, JIT, ERP
Other References: SCM Alignment and Assessment Process, vSRM softwares, Articles, Previous Projects.
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