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Operations Management deals with wide variety of subjects. Our consulting, in addition to other consulting subjects, will focus on the following areas. 

  • Operations Strategy and Development: Vision, Mission, Strategy, Operations Plans
  • Product Design and Development: Product Life Cycle, QFD, Engineering Changes
  • Process Selection and Implementation: Manufacturing Environments, Types of Processes, Selection, Layout
  • Process Improvement: Methods, Line Balancing, Flexible Manufacturing, Waste Elimination
  • Work and Method Measurements: Industrial Ergonomics, Time Standards, Work Measurements
  • Quality Management: TQM, SPC, Continuous Improvement, TPM
  • Project Management: Techniques, SOW, WBS, Planning, Execution, Closeout
  • Systems: Finance, Information Systems, Human Resources
Initial Contact
We introduce our company, study the environment, understand the requirements, establish objectives, define scope, and submit a formal engagement proposal. 
We implement the identified opportunities, deploy the agreed upon plan, execute the identified roadmap. Together with your company, we will accomplish the objectives.
We will perform an analysis of the desired area of operations. Study the areas for improvement and present the findings.
We will create a plan to establish continuous improvement program for the selected operations.
As a result of our investigation, we will identify operations with potential benefits and prioritize them with you.
In this final stage of our engagement, we will ensure a smooth transfer of knowledge and help you to continue your successful journey.

Additional Information:
Seminars: Supply Chain Management, Forecasting, Operations Management Strategies
Courses: Basics of Supply Chain Management, Synchronized Manufacturing, ERP
Other References: SCM Alignment and Assessment Process, SRM softwares, Articles, Textbooks.
Please contact us for additional information.