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We have helped our clients to align their operations with their strategies. We attempt to answer the questions: Why some companies are more successful than others? How do they accomplish their success? Why are some companies better to work for? Do the employees at each level know where the company is going? Are their actions helping their company move in that direction?

We work with each client to understand their business, identify their vision, mission, and strategic objectives. We assess if company operations such as planning, manufacturing, marketing, finance, purchasing, systems, etc. are aligned with these objectives. Together, we identify the shortfalls and set plans for improvement. We help to standardize the improved processes, convert them into company procedures, and integrate them into their system.

Initial Contact
Understanding the company and its business objectives will be our first step. We will study the company, its vision, mission and strategy. The company's existing business processes, policies and procedures will help us understand its position with respect to its operational activities. Dissemination of company vision/mission throughout the organization demonstrates how priorities are accomplished. Understanding these priorities will enable us to determine weather there are any misalignments. We will then establish scope and submit a formal engagement proposal.
Implementation of strategic alignment of operations starts from top. Transformation of organizations is no easy task. It requires commitment of time, people and resources. We will assist to create business processes to ensure that all operations are aligned with the articulated direction of the company. We will help to implement that the company vision+mission+strategy are all in line and fits well with its core competencies. We will provide insights to formulate an implementation plan. Business strategies drive the functional decision-making that in turn creates the operational strategies and activities. We will help you define and implement company policies and procedures and if necessary job tasks and work instructions.
We will investigate operations such as finance, marketing, manufacturing, planning, engineering land observe how these operations are executed and weather there are any misalignments. We will perform SWOT analysis and match them with your company's core competencies. With you, we will establish that your overall strategy fits to your product, process, technology and people strategies. Our audit/analysis usually reveals significant misaligned operations and performance issues.
Each company has its own metrics, benchmarks or performance indicators. Top company level performance may indicate a drop in market share whereas supplier deliveries may indicate a high level of lead time conformance. Are these measurements aligned? Operations like product planning, marketing, finance, manufacturing, engineering etc. must be measured for the same direction. We will provide you with guidelines and expertise to establish correct performance measurements. Our experience show that correct measurements bring the desired change and improvement to companies. We will help your company to position its vision and mission aligned with its future direction.
A misalignment between vision of the company and its operations generally indicates that there are lack of communications and performance problems. For example, a company is striving to be a price leader when its operations show a high degree of variety, or it is competing with highly flexible small manufacturing shops while its production lines are set up as high volume. We will identify potential misalignments such as quality, cost, efficiency, manufacturing floor layout, lead times, product design, delivery, etc. where your company can benefit significantly when re-aligned.
Change management is one of the key ingredients of accomplishing strategy alignment especially when there is a redefined vision and mission. In order to have desired effects within the company, a strong leadership is required. Coupled with correct performance measurements and reinforced with company policies and procedures, everyone should strive for the same goal. There must be business processes in place to constantly review the performance, realign priorities, fine tune operational strategies across the company. We will help you to identify the potential realignment opportunities and accomplish success in bringing all together to move in the same direction. It is like our famous sailing example: If all crew participated correctly and diligently in boat steering, sail trimming, sheeting, tacking, etc. there is a chance of winning the race!"

Additional Information:
Seminars: Operations Management Strategy, SCM Alignment and Assessment, SRM
Courses: APICS CIRM Program, Synchronized Manufacturing, ERP
Other References: Articles, Textbooks, Previous Projects.
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